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Fabian Schmitz

Born in Düsseldorf/Germany in 1977. M.A. (geography and life sciences)

When he was fourteen years old he packed his back-pack for his first solo exploration of the world (of the Black Forest). Several tours of the European high mountains, Scandinavia, Australia, Nepal, Canada and Alaska followed. As diverse as the destinations are the means of transport. Fabian explored the big outdoors by canoe, on foot, on skis and snowshoes or on a dog sled. Not only his experience "on tour", but also his long-time work in various stores for Alpine sports and trekking tours brought him a wealth of expertise on equipment. As an outdoor coach he organises hiking tours, canoeing trips and workshops. In the winter of 2007-8 he worked as a dogsled guide in British Columbia (Canada).

Email: fabian [at] weitewege.de

Claudia Wickert

Born in Leipzig/Germany in 1981. Biologist

Her love and enthusiasm for nature took Claudia to Leipzig, Madrid and Potsdam to study biology at university. For a break she packed her rucksack and travelled for eight months from San Francisco (USA) to Lima (Peru).

On foot and by canoe she has travelled the Pyrenees (France/Spain) and Scandinavia. Claudia succumbed to the fascination of the Nordic winter on a backcountry skiing tour of several weeks to Lapland and a winter stay of several months in Alaska. Working as a dogsled guide in Canada she has discovered her passion for huskies and since then has been dreaming of her own dog team.

Email: cla_wi [at] hotmail.com

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